Having graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2008 and with a great love for metal arts, Chloe took what she had learned from her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and continued to explore the unlimited possibilities of her all-time favorite material: metal.

Her whimsical circus line is a one-woman show.

Every piece of her artisan jewelry is original, and is hand-crafted by her.

Chloe believes that every client of hers is a unique individual with a different personality and full of interesting life stories, and that their jewelry should be similarly unique and individualistic.

She doodles with her beloved b-tank torch and, in the process, pours her soul into one-of-a-kind wearable and/or sculptural art.

She hopes that her pieces will be cherished way longer than her petite existence on Earth.

Her ultimate goal is to bring the best smile out of people, one hammer blow at a time.

Other than metalsmithing, Chloe loves learning about new materials, traveling, eating, cooking, dancing, and meeting people from all walks of life. She also finds clowns to be attractive, and never resists hugging gigantic gumball machines.